Tweed Coast Weddings are always a great time. Beautiful Scenery, the salt air mixing with the rain forest and epic Venues to compliment. Summer Grove was Renee and Petes dream venue and Im glad I was there to capture it all!

One of the many reasons we take pictures is to capture a moment in time; to convey a message or to tell a story. Most of the time it’s the pictures that spill a thousand words – speaking of worldly wonders, creating a emotions we didn’t know we had and telling tales of journeys that not even the most intricate of words could describe; then sometimes the narration of these captures lead to the most beautiful love stories, the kind illustrators can’t always paint – Renee and Peter painted their perfect picture for us, with words from their heart that will make you melt, giggle and having you feeling their love from beyond.

What does marriage mean to you?

Renee: Marriage is becoming a team with your best friend. It means learning things about each other for the rest of our lives, every now and then there will be a storm but the beauty of marriage is that if you have picked the right person and you both love each other, you can weather that storm together and get through it.

Peter: Whatever Renee tells me it means…haha!. Renee promised me we could have babies once we were married so yeah… No, it means I can spend the rest of my life with the beautiful woman I adore and I can truly be myself with.

What stands out about your partner?

Renee: He is a such a caring man who just loves his family so much. He has amazing blue eyes and long lashes (it’s not fair for a male to have!), and he lets me eat Nutella from the jar without judgement. – now that is true love!

As the sun set over the serene grounds of Summer Grove Estate, Renee and Peter set foot into an adventure of their own; the incredible world of marriage. This place is not a destination but an eternity of journeys, a million days you get to spend with the one who makes your soul truly happy and your heart completely full – and while the European Honeymoon adventure begins in just a few months, who knows what will be install for a lifetime of happiness on their return – maybe Peter will get his promise after all!

Summer Grove Lawn Wedding

Summer Grove Lawn Wedding Tweed Coast Weddings Summer Grove Lawn Wedding Tweed Coast Weddings Summer Grove Lawn Wedding Tweed Coast Weddings Tweed Coast Weddings Tweed Coast Weddings

Photographer: Mitchell J Carlin

Venue: Summer Grove Estate

Celebrant: Elizabeth Jesse

HMUP: Hair I Come