Mavis’s Kitchen Weddings

Her hair flowed effortlessly down the aisle behind her intricate gown, her smile beamed. He stood in awe of what he saw; his wife, his life partner; a reflection of his soul walking toward him, ready to begin an adventure like no other.
It wasn’t her flawless glow, her incredible florals, or even her softly woven waves that made his heart melt. Her soulful smile, her genuine heart and her illuminating energy had him captivated with every breath. Nothing needed to be said. Their love filled the air from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Everyone could feel it. Mavis’s Kitchen Weddings was the most beautiful surrounding for Elyse and Toms Love Story.

The Couple sealed their love exactly five years on from their very first beginning. As their time together grew, so did their undying passion for one another. The groom knew Elise’s heart is exactly where he wanted to reside. On the Pilipino island of El Nido, Tom asked Elise the words she had been dreaming of. Hand written in the sand, he pointed down to the beach from a cliff where she saw the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ from afar. She turned around to find Tom on one knee, holding what will forever a be a symbol of their eternity.

Wedding days can be filled with all sorts of crazy emotions, but Tom and Elise did not even flinch – not even for a second. It was clear that both had found their haven and their home within each other – and it was beyond beautiful to witness.
Relaxed and intimate were just a few of the notions being thrown around on this magical day, while unforgettable and incredible spring to mind when I think about how the afternoon lived on.

The picturesque valleys of The Secret Hill at Mavis’s Kitchen Weddings will forever be their grounding. An Exquisite dining forever holding treasured memories of shared laughter over the perfect amount of ‘a little too much champagne’ and a whole lot of love.

There is no doubt the rest of your lives will be filled with exquisite and wondrous adventures together. Thank you to Mavis’s Kitchen Weddings for throwing a day to remember.

Mavis's Kitchen hilltop wedding Mavis's Kitchen hilltop Wedding Mavis's Kitchen hilltop Wedding Mavis's Kitchen Weddings Mavis's Kitchen Weddings Mavis's Kitchen Weddings Mavis's Kitchen Weddings

Mavis's Kitchen Weddings Mavis's Kitchen Weddings Mavis's Kitchen Weddings Mavis's Kitchen Weddings

Mavis’s Kitchen hilltop Wedding

Photography- Mitchell J Carlin

Celebrant- Elizebeth Jesse

Venue- Mavis’s Kitchen

Brides Hair- Kasey Smallwood

Brides Makeup- Whitney Hartmann

Brides Dress- Spell Byron Bay

Grooms Attire- Noak