Gold Coast Wedding Photographers

Michael + Cassie

High school sweet hearts that were exactly that, the two sweetest of hearts!

Gushing with honest love and pure happiness, this day was filled with wide-cheeked smiles and a few rainy drops; but in no way did this take away from the perfection of the wedded bliss set on Home Beach, Stradbroke Island; in fact, quite the contrary.

“It was fantastic to see no one was really bothered with it and to see our beautiful family and friends embrace the weather, standing in the sand, shoes in hand while it rained during our ceremony”

And while these sweet moments surrounded by others was one of many momentous occasions, it was a few quiet moments alone when Michael had whisked his now darling wife away during their wedding reception to sit back, watch and soak up all the love and energy flowing while she resided in his arms.

“I love his sense for adventure. He’s incredibly energetic and has a wonderful sense for adventure and discovery that I love. Also his dimples, I’m obsessed with them!” – and boy had he lived up to this special little trait of his!

Most Noteworthy, his proposal was the ultimate perfection! It was a very well thought out plan, extremely sentimental and delivered with an outburst of surprise to the woman of his dreams, but it was the moments after the blissful question that reminded Cassie (even more than she already knew) the reason Michael was her forever kind of lover.

On the sandy surrounds of Stradbroke Island, Michael took Cassie on surprise weekend away. What would normally have been a few days of camping turned into a few nights drinking champagne and staying up late talking all things dreamy in a beautiful house overlooking the water, as ‘all the other accommodation was booked’- but he had a few cheeky tricks up his sleeve. As Michael set up the phone into video mode, he told Cassie he had a surprise; she thought this was it, the moment she had been waiting for! Much to her surprise, he handed her a much larger box with a beautiful Camilla number in it! As the sun set, they walked along the shoreline and the night lit up with candles and fairy lights as he got down on one knee asked Cassie to be his wife. 

But After a sneaky champagne (yep, he’d thought of it all!) they strolled back to the house to once again catch Cassie out with another surprise; a house full of their closest friends ready to join in on the fine occasion of celebration!

Most of all now a whole world of adventure awaits you both; and there is no doubt that it will be a loving, fun filled one at that!

Gold Coast Wedding Photographers.

Gold Coast Wedding Photographers

Gold Coast Wedding Photographers

Gold Coast Wedding Photographers

Gold Coast Wedding Photographers


Photographer- Mitchell J Carlin

Celebrant- Maryanne Bristow

Reception Venue- Stradbroke Island Hotel

Brides Dress- Lillian West

Grooms Attire- Hugo Boss


Therefore Gold Coast Wedding Photographers