Gold Coast Broadwater Wedding

Find your Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

So, you’ve said yes. You’ve booked a venue and now you’re needing to find your Gold Coast Wedding Photographer. How does one approach such a daunting task? It’s really not too hard if you know what to look and ask for.

Ask a friend- If you’ve had friends who have been married, I’m sure they won’t mind sharing some of their experiences (good or bad) and personal thoughts about their photographer. Word of mouth is a photographers best friend. Help from a trust worthy friend is a comforting way to begin the process.

Ask for a referral from your Venue- since you will now be in regular contact with your “venue to be”, ask the wedding coordinator. Wedding coordinators have seen them all. The Good the Bad and the Awesome. More often than not, the venue you have chosen, will have a preferred vendors list. They should have samples of their friendly photographers work on hand. Venues will also use different favoured photographers work on their own website or advertising material. If this is the case, you’re onto a winner. A Coordinator wants the best photos for their marketing material. The photographers they use are the ones to make contact with.

Social media- we all have it, we all use it too much. However, it’s an amazing way find the right Gold Coast Wedding photographer. I’d put money on it that 99% of Photographers hashtag their Instagram posts. Scrolling hashtag tabs on Instagram can give you a nudge in the right direction, based purely on visuals. For example, you’re getting married on the Gold Coast. Do a hashtag search for Gold Coast Wedding Photographer and scroll away. Photographers love knowing they have been found via Instagram as its free to use and hasn’t cost them anything, Facebook will also give you a helping hand. I’m sure that the second thing you do after telling friends and family your big news, is change your Facebook status. Upon doing this, Facebook will kindly send all Wedding related advertising your way.

Wedding Directory sites- Admittedly this can be a little overwhelming due to how many vendors you will have to sort through. They are generally categorised, but this way can be a little time consuming. My advice when doing it this way, find a Wedding Directory that has more of a common theme that will match your own Wedding I.e Rustic Wedding.

So you’ve narrowed it down. What’s next? Send an Enquiry, follow their socials and read their past client feedback.

Sending an Enquiry via their website or making a call, is always the best way to make contact. It’s going to let you know if they’re available for your date or not. A good way to potentially cross a few of the list.

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Follow their Social Media- An active Social Media base is a good way to gauge how busy,popular or reliable your potential Gold Coast Wedding Photographer is. If a Photographer is active via their socials, it’s definitely a good sign that they are serious and passionate about their career and most importantly your Wedding. It’s also going to get you excited about their work.

Client feedback- Most photographers will have a testimonial section on their Website. Feedback from honest, happy couples might just be the little piece reassurance you need.

(See my Couple feedback here)

Finally……Try to base your decision on connection. Photographers are story tellers and your Wedding is a story that needs illustrating. Find A Photographer who can illustrate human connection and the way it defines you and your partner.