Wedding Day to do list

With your Wedding Day fast approaching, the bulk of your preparations will already be set in stone. However, the final days leading up to the big day can be the most important of all. You  will want to keep yourselves calm during what can be a pressurised and overwhelming situation. It can feel like a daunting challenge. However, final preparations are only there to reaffirm the plans that have already been put in place. Follow the simple checklist below, and your magical day will be everything you dreamt of and more. Wedding Day to do list.

Check The Weather

If you are exchanging your vows outdoors, you’ll have probably thought about the threat of rain for months. Nevertheless, having a contingency strategy in place is essential. As long as you’re not expecting a thunderstorm, it’s likely that precautions can be made to overcome those problems. Whether it’s providing cover for yourselves and your guests or simply protecting the furniture until the rain passes, knowing what to expect by checking the forecasts 48 hours before the big day will put you in a far stronger position.

Wedding Day to do list

Wedding Day to do list

Know Your Seating Chart

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to leave someone off of the seating chart, even when you’ve invited them to the wedding. Take some time to check the numbers and ensure that you haven’t accidentally added someone twice and forgotten someone else in the process. After all, it’s not just about the numbers. Most bridal parties will include family members that aren’t on great times. While you may be confident that they’ll be civil to each other, letting them sit next to each other could exacerbate the situation.Wedding Day to do list.

Check That You Have The Necessary Contact Details

The excitement of your wedding day will probably put you a little on edge, but the fact that you are relying on so many people to deliver a winning service can make it all the more scary. Knowing that you have the contact details of everyone involved will put your mind at ease. Your list of contacts may include; beauticians, caterers, chauffeur, DJ and entertainment, lighting technicians, officials, photographer, valet staff, venue staff, videographer, wedding planner, and more. Double check your list before the big day, and the operation will be a lot smoother.

Wedding Day to do list

Check The Contact Details Of Main Guests

While you should naturally possess the contact details of all guests (apart from the +1s), it’s vital that you double check the info for your main bridal party. This should include best men, bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys, parents, ring bearers, and those directly in the ceremony. In addition to having those contact details in place, you’ll probably want to organise a group chat to keep everybody on the same wavelength regarding timings and other crucial elements for the big day ahead.

Pack Everything You’ll Need For The Day

If you’re sleeping at the hotel before the wedding or heading to a venue to get dressed before making your entrance, you’ll need to check that the dress, shoes, and accessories are all packed. Likewise, those key items must stay in great condition. Depending on who is doing your hair and makeup, you’ll need to take the items needed to ensure you look your best. Ultimately, it’s better to be overly cautious and pack too much than not enough. It’s better to be safe than sorry.Wedding Day to do list.

Wedding Day to do list

Wedding Day to do list

Pack Items For The Wedding Night & Morning After

It’s very easy for a bride and groom to let their focus on the wedding day to cloud their plans on the wedding night and the morning after. You’ll need to pack the clothes and accessories needed to enjoy the perfect wedding night while also getting changed into ‘normal’ clothes in the morning. Whether you’re heading straight off from the reception venue to your honeymoon or returning home, you’ll want to feel comfortable as you leave the hotel. You may also want to think about including some aspirin in your luggage too.Wedding Day to do list.

Plan For Wedding Gifts/Wishing Well/Personal items To Be Collected

On the day itself, you’ll want to ensure that the wedding gifts are kept together. The thought of seeing gifts become lost or damaged is nothing short of a nightmare. After all, your guests have put a lot of love and effort into those purchases. If you are heading straight off to the honeymoon, you may wish to ask your parents to take the gifts back with them. You can collect them upon your return. Given that this will be one less thing to worry about, make sure the plans are in place in advance.

Wedding Day to do list

Wedding Day to do list

Drop Off Your Gift Bags

You aren’t the only ones to receive gifts on the big day, though. Many couples now like to thank their guests with a welcome bag upon arrival. These can include essentials like tissues and mints, as well as items that celebrate the day itself. This is something that a wedding planner can take care of, but is usually something that the soon-to-be-married couple like to handle themselves. After all, the guests have made the effort to attend the big day. This is a great way to show your appreciation and create a memory.Wedding Day to do list.

Eat Before The Wedding Event Kicks Off

Once you wake up on the big day, it’s only natural that the excitement will kick into overdrive. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to skip the most important meal of the day. You’d be amazed at how many people start to feel faint or unwell because they forgot to eat. Slow releasing energy is the best option. Just make sure that you’ve eaten before getting ready as you won’t want to ruin the dress or suit with food stains. Likewise, you won’t want your first kiss as a married couple to be ruined by onion breath.

Remember To Enjoy It

There is a lot of organising to do, but the wedding day is the most exciting and amazing moment of your lives. It will pass you by very quickly, though, so do not forget to enjoy it!

Wedding Day to do list

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