Gold Coast Wedding |Hitched at the Boomerang Farm| Zoe and Cale

Gold Coast Wedding Before we get into the details of this spectacular day, lets just touch on these two, who when asked to describe their relationship in three words, shouted (I'm assuming) in big capital letters 'BEST FRIENDS FOREVER'. And seemingly enough thats exactly how it all began; two school friends who were inseparable, even classified 'together' before they fell in love, and clearly nothing has changed. As Zoe walked down the

Summer Grove Chapel Wedding | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Hayley and James

Summer Grove Weddings Summer Grove Weddings. When you sit there and tell your lover, ‘this is the song I really want at our wedding’, even before you’re engaged, you know you have a keeper. A keeper of your heart, soul and every piece of you for the rest of your life. James and Hayley met in a whirlwind of fun. A lifetime ago. But, it wasn’t

Mavis’s Kitchen hilltop Wedding | Byron Bay Wedding Photography | Elyse and Tom

Mavis's Kitchen Weddings Her hair flowed effortlessly down the aisle behind her intricate gown, her smile beamed. He stood in awe of what he saw; his wife, his life partner; a reflection of his soul walking toward him, ready to begin an adventure like no other. It wasn’t her flawless glow, her incredible florals, or even her softly woven waves that made his heart melt.