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What Time of Year is Best for a Gold Coast Wedding?

Australia’s Gold Coast is one of the most stunning destinations in the world for a wedding. With its beautiful long sandy beaches, fantastic nature reserves, and wonderful high-end venues, couples looking to get married on the Gold Coast really are spoilt for choice.

Of course, weddings take place all year round in the region, but there are certain times of year when the Gold Coast really does come into its own. Here are our top tips on the best times of year for a show stopping Gold Coast wedding.

Winter: June, July and August

The months of June, July and August are the Gold Coast’s winter, but of course temperatures don’t plummet much further than a low of around 18 degrees Celsius. With a maximum average of around 24 degrees Celsius, the winter is a perfectly comfortable time of year for outdoor weddings, and it’s great for indoor ceremonies too.

Many couples choose the winter months as the temperatures aren’t crazy hot, and we all know those wedding outfits tend to be a little uncomfortable in the height of summer! It’s also a really good time of year to consider as many venues aren’t hugely busy, with most couples unaware of the fact that this is a really favourable time of year to host wedding celebrations. That means both venues and suppliers will be easier to find for your chosen dates, and you may be able to grab a bargain in the process.

Gold Coast Wedding Photo

Gold Coast Wedding Photo

In the evening temperatures do tend to drop, and can reach around six degrees Celsius sometimes. So, if you have your heart set on a night dancing under the stars outside, you might prefer to go for a Spring or Summer celebration instead.

Spring: September, October, November and Autumn: March, April and May

If you’re dreaming of a floral theme, with stunning blooms from local suppliers, you’re best off opting for an Autumn or Spring wedding. These are the top seasons for flower availability, meaning you’ll be able to can create the ultimate, Pinterest-worthy wedding.

During the Spring and Autumn seasons temperatures are comfortable for both indoor and outdoor weddings, with a peak of around 28 degrees Celsius an a possible low of 15-18 degrees Celsius in the evenings.

Those considering these times of year should note that mosquitos are a nuisance during these seasons, particularly as the sun sets. However, the problem is easy to tackle with a few carefully placed citronella candles and plenty of repellant for you and your guests.

Spring and Autumn are peak wedding seasons on the Gold Coast, so availability may be an issue, particularly if you’re opting for one of the region’s most popular wedding venues. Try to beat the rush as much as you can by planning well in advance, and don’t leave anything until the last minute. Remember, you’re unlikely to get many deals if you choose to wed during these months, as most suppliers will be working flat out. 

Gold Coast Wedding Photo

Gold Coast Wedding Photo

Summer: December, January, February

Summer on the Gold Coast is incredibly hot, and quite humid too. It’s definitely not the ideal weather for a wedding, but it does have its positives if you’re looking for something a little different.

Some couples choose to wed during the summer months as they’re tempted by the magic of a Christmas wedding, or a New Year’s Eve celebration. And of course, these are great times of year for a huge party with all your nearest and dearest. However, there are a few things to note if you do go for a festive wedding.

Firstly, we recommend you look closely into the arrangements for your flowers. No commercial flower suppliers are open from 24th December – 2nd January on the Gold Coast, so if you wed during this time your flowers won’t be as fresh as you might like. In addition, many other wedding suppliers such as bakers, entertainers, party planners and so on choose not to work at this time of year, so you may struggle to find the perfect suppliers for your special day.

If you wed during the summer we recommend an evening ceremony, as the dizzying temperatures of the middle of the day won’t be fun for any of your guests! Make sure your venues have air-conditioning, your cake won’t melt under the sun and avoid outdoor buffets for fear of the food spoiling prematurely.

Gold Coast Wedding Photo

Gold Coast Wedding Photo

When choosing your flowers, consider the effects of the summer heat to ensure your bouquet and displays look their best. Avoid flowers such as lilies and tulips as they won’t withstand the temperatures. Available options at this time of year include roses, cymbidium orchids and gerberas.

I love seeing the breathtaking weddings our couples create on the Gold Coast, no matter which time of year they choose. The perfect time for your wedding is a personal choice, and depends so much on what you’re looking to get out of the day. I hope you’ve found our tips on Gold Coast wedding planning useful. Now, all you need to do is decide on that all-important date!

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Gold Coast Wedding Photo