Cedar Creek Estate Winery Wedding

Matt + Aimee

Cue tears, hugs and loud proclamations that they were getting married and this was the scene set on top of New Zealand’s Mount Sunday; once known for its astounding white capped perfection as seen on Lord of The Rings, but now better known as the destination that forecasted the inevitable love story of Aimee and Matt; a much more enlightening tale and whole lot more fun if you ask me!

A love that blossomed over late night chats and sparked by their love for music soon became a romance like no other; full of adventure, kindness and an underlying knowing that they would be each other’s forever; and within the chapel walls of Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery, that moment had finally arrived.

“Everyone kept asking us ‘are you getting nervous or cold feet?’ and the answer every time was no way! Matt and I always knew we’d get married, we were just excited to have a day to celebrate our love with our friends and family.”

Bright and bold as every bride should, Aimee wore a gown the exuded her best feature, her true self. She dazzled in a gown of deep purple lace, contrasting ever so perfectly the hazy autumn hues of soft browns and golds, complementing the vintage rustic styling throughout this remarkable Mount Tambourine wedding venue.

It was a day oozing with confidence, glowing with love finished off with late night wine and cheese for the bride and groom as reflected on the magic of their day; the laughs, the quirks, the unspoken moments and of course, their undivided love.

Cedar Creek Estate Winery Wedding

Cedar Creek Estate Winery Wedding

Cedar Creek Estate Winery Wedding

Cedar Creek Estate Winery Wedding

Photographer- Mitchell J Carlin

Celebrant- Paul Voge

Venue- Cedar Creek Estate Winery

Brides Dress- When Freddie met Lilly

Grooms Attire- When Freddie met Lilly

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