What to avoid when planning a Wedding | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | M J Carlin

What to avoid when planning a Wedding When you’re planning a wedding, there is one particular quote that will seem particularly appropriate to the process: “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting and inherently enjoyable… but it’s also stressful and expensive. If you want to ensure that your wedding preparations are more the best

What to wear for your Engagement Shoot | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | M J Carlin

What to wear for your Engagement Shoot Engagement photoshoots offer a chance for a couple to capture one of the most romantic times in their life for posterity - which is wonderful, but also involves an element of pressure. This, after all, is the photoshoot you will look back on for the rest of your life; the first official portrait of you and your intended

How to Personalise your Wedding Ceremony | Gold Coast Wedding Photographers | M J Carlin

How to Personalise your Wedding Ceremony When considering your wedding day, you will have thousands of different choices to make. From the venue to the food to the music you’ll dance the night away to, planning a wedding involves an endless selection of areas you can personalise exactly to your tastes. There is, however, one element of your day that you may feel you have

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Gold Coast Wedding |Hitched at the Boomerang Farm| Zoe and Cale

Gold Coast Wedding Before we get into the details of this spectacular day, lets just touch on these two, who when asked to describe their relationship in three words, shouted (I'm assuming) in big capital letters 'BEST FRIENDS FOREVER'. And seemingly enough thats exactly how it all began; two school friends who were inseparable, even classified 'together' before they fell in love, and clearly nothing has changed. As Zoe walked down the

Stradbroke Island Wedding | Gold Coast Wedding Photographers | Cassandra and Michael

Gold Coast Wedding Photographers Michael + Cassie High school sweet hearts that were exactly that, the two sweetest of hearts! Gushing with honest love and pure happiness, this day was filled with wide-cheeked smiles and a few rainy drops; but in no way did this take away from the perfection of the wedded bliss set on Home Beach, Stradbroke Island; in fact, quite the contrary.

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Cedar Creek Estate Winery Wedding| Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Aimee and Matt

Cedar Creek Estate Winery Wedding Matt + Aimee Cue tears, hugs and loud proclamations that they were getting married and this was the scene set on top of New Zealand’s Mount Sunday; once known for its astounding white capped perfection as seen on Lord of The Rings, but now better known as the destination that forecasted the inevitable love story of Aimee and Matt; a

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