Beci and Ryan contacted me towards the later end of 2012. Their Wedding was to be held in April 2013. At this time, I had not really looked at my current workload much further ahead then a couple of weeks, let alone 6 months down the track. I was neck deep in photos to process, paper work, bills and like everyone else, general life. After meeting Beci, Ryan and Lola for the first time…April 6th could not come fast enough. Not only was their wedding the first on my calendar for the year, but how honest a people they are, the plan for their wedding and the vision they both had was nothing short of epic. Vintage DIY Backyard Wedding.


Beci and Ryan, planned a Home style, Backyard, DIY wedding set in their newly claimed piece of property in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. When I arrived, their house was a hive of activity. Ryan and his groomsmen, with the help of Becis Dad Bob, were running around the backyard erecting the marquee, setting up hay bails, hanging streamers and most importantly, working out a plan to keep themselves and their guests dry. A Macguyver style effort was put in by the groomsmen to ensure no one was to get wet. Ladders were scaled, roofs were climbed and a plastic sheet covered the makeshift Isle and Alter.



I moved inside to say gday to Beci and Her bridesmaids. All the usual prep work was underway. Makeup, hair, showers, champagne and girly chit chat was all unfolding before me. Photographing this part of the day is always a good giggle for me. I grew up an only child, so being around this environment is kind of what I would imagine having a big sister and all her friends over would be like.


(make up by Angela Walsh)

By this time, the Marquee and Backyard was ready to go. The Men had disappeared up the road to an undisclosed location to make themselves look sharp and smell nice. They returned shortly after in preparation for our group Bridal Photos. What I really enjoyed about this wedding was the fact that all tradition got the boot. Beci and Ryan created THEIR Wedding, not anyone else’s. Theirs. There was no “We arnt seeing each other until I walk down the isle” or the “Groomsmen have to wear this or that”. Although these traditions are great and I respect them and anyone chooses to do so. Beci and Ryan had a very private moment once Ryan returned back to the house. A first look. Something such as this is something alot of couples don’t get to experience in privacy or in this manner. The reason for this first look before the ceremony was due to the ceremony being set at dusk. Having a ceremony so late in the day leaves no available light to really do any of the formal photos after the ceremony. Im really glad things were planned as they were.



The thought of rain on a wedding day is one of those ones that is always in the back of your mind up right up until you wake up that morning and look out the window….well it is for me anyway. That morning I looked out the window and was met by grey clouds, which, after seeing the result, I would have not wanted it any other way. Beci, Ryan, myself the Bridal party drove 2 minutes down the road to the local sports field where I had planned to shoot group Bridal Photos and the Couple photos of Beci and Ryan. It had been raining for about an hour before we left the house and just as we arrived, the clouds dried up and the sun poked through the heavy cloud cover and away we went.




We all headed back to Beci and Ryans place where we were met by guests making their way into the back yard and taking their seats on the hay bales. There was a  a buzz in the air and a nervous bride in my car, Go time was approaching.  The audible murmurs were suddenly silenced by Bon Ivers “Skinny Love” and a smiling Beci and a Proud Bob emerged from around the corner.




Beci was met at the Alter by an immensely happy Ryan where the formalities began. Beci and Ryan were married by the always awesome Paul Voge who had help incorporate lyrics from Ben Fold “The luckiest” into their Vowels. Following that we were blessed with a few knowledgable words from Johnny Cash, read by Ryans best man, Beci and Ryan were now Husband and Wife.







After a few congratulatory hugs, kisses and glasses of Champagne, the guests took their seats inside the self decorated Marquee where the speeches and dinner commenced. Beci and Ryan did things proper. By that I mean, their dinner and drink menu was all Mexican themed. Beef and Chicken tacos and Burritos, Nachos and Sangria. Perfect. Im one of those people who could eat a burrito for every meal of the day, so when I smelt the aroma coming from the Marquee, My mouth instantly started to water. Putting aside my insatiable desire for all things Mexican, the speeches that followed, were thoroughly enjoyable. Tales of Ryan meeting Beci at Uni, tattoos and just the general happiness within the room, made Beci and Ryans wedding one of my most enjoyable experiences to date. I am honoured to have shared this day with so many awesome people. I wish Beci and Ryan all the happiness they deserve, now and years to come.