Mitch is such a rad dude and takes the most amazing photos! He was incredibly patient among the chaos on the day – as we had a completely DIY wedding at home which was stressful enough. Our photos never looked contrived and he captured really honest representations of our wedding. We are so happy every time we look at them because Mitch captured real moments and a true, authentic picture of us as a couple.
He is so easy going, has amazing artistic vision, and was lovely to meet up with. We found him to be pro active and involved in every step of the process, and he even managed to get amazing photos and hunt out locations in the face of bad weather. Mitch just got us; what we were trying to do and what we wanted from our wedding photos.
He’s a great dude and we feel really blessed he was part of our wedding. We couldn’t be happier!  -Ryan and Beci

June 1st, 2016|