Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding

“behind every good man, is a good woman, but when it comes to marriage she is right beside you.”

A kind heart is always the first thing to be noticed within a soul, its genuine nature is captivating, elating and completely euphoric in all its forms – it is a cocktail of emotions that leaves you giddy with every message, every touch, and is the exact mixture of honest devotion that made Kurt and Sofie fall so deeply in love. Each love story is so perfectly unique, it has distinguishing characteristics, laughable moments and tales that kept in the heart of one another. But the beginning of this tale between Kurt and Sofie began so unexpectedly with back to back online chats, and before their monthly membership had expired, telephone numbers were exchanged and it was all out on the table. Who would have thought that this would be their forever? 

But when you know you know, and Kurt knew there was not another moment to be missed without Sofie as his life partner, his wife. After six months of wondrous love was already in tow, Kurt secured that special place in Sofie’s heart and asked her for her hand in marriage. Not a detail was left unturned in the planning of his proposal, and other than opening the that tiny little detailed box upside down, every aspect of those spectacular moments was completely surreal.

The Proposal: Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding
As they started to walk down a set of stairs, Sofie noticed a little romantic table with wine. She began to question Kurt, “what have you done?!”, but there was no need for him to answer – he simply got down on one knee and took their love to a whole new level. Not one of them can remember the words that Kurt had rehearsed in his mind a thousand times, but it didn’t matter, between kneeling and opening the ring box (which Sofie kindly pointed out had opened upside down), they were completely and utterly mesmerized. She said yes, of course, ‘who wouldn’t marry a handsome country man?’. Then, out of nowhere, Sofie’s sister appeared from the outskirts capturing such precious moments, followed by a trail of hiding family who came celebrate in the glory of their love.

It was such a privilege to witness two lovers walking into a marriage with such peace and harmony. Success in love is not about finding the right person, but being the right person, and there is no doubt that success is what completely awaits.

Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding

Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding Gold Coast Country Barn Wedding

Photography- Mitchell J Carlin

Venue- The Boomerang Farm

Cinematography- Brittany McMurry

Celebrant- Benjamin Carlyle

Make up- Meraki Make up and Beauty