Michelle & Ryan got married on the ever changing and beautiful Gold Coast. It was the 5th of May 2012, the sun was shining and I could sense a nervous buzz in the air as soon as I arrived at the Gold Coast, Monaco Street Mansion.artistic wedding style
I have known Ryan through friends of friends for quite a some time and as soon as I arrived, I was introduced to his groomsmen and did a quick scout around the huge water front property and started photographing the perfectly positioned artistic wedding style stationary, the impeccably placed garden chairs and of course the ever tempting sweets table. I find that its the little things like this that can really compliment a set of wedding photographs. Often in all the chaos, hype and excitement of a wedding day, the little details can go unnoticed, get eaten or forgotten during the impending hangover that looms over most wedding goers.
artistic wedding style
artistic wedding style
Whilst photographing Ryan and his Groomsmen getting ready, I simply just hung back in the shadows, lurked around a corner or hid behind a cupboard to get a natural and candid feel to these wedding photos. Its my preferred technique to use when photographing an artistic wedding style, I believe it portrays the day as it happens in a truer form rather then setting things up and posing for the camera.




The best thing about this Wedding was that Michelle and Ryan just wanted the fun and excitement of the day to come through in the photos. Nothing needed to be serious, nothing needed to be planned and nothing was taken too heavily. While photographing the groomsmen as a group I just wanted them to be them. Crass jokes and goofing around was all apart of it, basically Boys being boys. Its always awesome when the Groom and Groomsmen can relax. Its was almost like we forgot why we were all there!


As we wrapped up the photos of Ryan and his Groomsmen, wedding guests started to arrive and reality set in. We all waited nervously for the call that Michelle was on her way. No quicker had the guests taken their seats and jostled for the best possy, Michelle was walking down the Garden path towards a happy and excited Groom.



Mr and Mrs Holz!

After the ceremony, Myself and Erin took the Bridal party over the road to the surrounding bush and park lands for some Formal/informal Bridal Party Photos. Like I said before, Ryan and Michelle wanted fun and thats what they gave us. It was a relaxed, energetic and a laughter filled hour and a half that provided some of the easiest photos to produce. It was like they were completely oblivious to the camera performing in their own stage show. It was truly awesome. I wish you both a happy and long life together.


Mitchell J Carlin Wedding Photographer